Polyurethane Screens Clip-Tec Module System

Extremely resistant screens for both wet and dry separation

Clip-Tec Polyurethane System

Suitable for both dry and wet screening and for dewatering. The screen modules are mounted in the separator by universal adaptation bars on the carrier beams and secured with wedges from the top.

Mesh Size

  • 0.3 – 200 mm (square and rectangular mesh)

Screen Thickness

  • 30 – 60 mm


Polyurethane elastomer within the hardness range from 55 to 90 Shore, transverse inside reinforcement

Two-layer system – bottom supporting (90 shore A), top separating (55 – 75 Shore A)


standard 300x1000 mm, max. 400x1500 mm


Perforated Vulkollan membrane glued into the Clip-Tec module. Bottom shaking is provided by replaceable polyurethane balls. Wet screening of fine fractions that are difficult to separate.

Clip-Tec DUO

Supporting layer of the screen from 90 Shore A polyurethane; separating layer from 65 Shore A rubber. Demanding separation of large input fractions. Suitable for places where material falls onto the screening area.

Clip-Tec DWS

Bottom supporting layer 20 %, top screening layer 80 % of the screen thickness. Screening materials prone to grain wedging.

Clip-Tec softlex

Cast flexible screening area in the form of a membrane, 55 Shore A. For moist materials that are difficult to separate.

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