Wire Screen - Fine Framed Separating Screens

The fine wire screens are used for separation of loose materials and for filtration in the glass, chemical and food-processing industry.


Separation of fine loose materials or their filtration; especially in the building material industry and in the ceramics and food-processing industry.


The frames of the separating screens as well as the fine wire screens are made of stainless material, see the Material Chart in the download section


The technology of screens tensioning is based on tensioning the wire screen in all four directions. The tensile force is measured by momentous initial tension in each direction which ensures the same tension moment in all screens. The separating screen is afterwards installed in the separator and thanks to clamping the screen into the frame you do not need to take care of tensioning the screen.

Frame Shapes and Finish

We make round, rectangular, square, triangle or other custom-made frames. We deliver separating screens with new frames but we are also able to repair old ones. Fine wire screens can be either glued or soldered to the frame. Separating screens in frames can be delivered with various accessories upon the request of the customer (e.g. drain, sealing rubber, cleaning and so on).


Separating screens in frames - round sieves are manufactured with a diameter from 300 to 2650 mm. These are the maximum dimension for other shapes as well (e.g. a rectangular, square, triangle separating screen).

Date of Delivery

production upon order

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