Products LIWELL Separator

Special separators with membrane screens designed for screening materials that are difficult to sort


The Liwells are special double-box separators fitted with membrane screens for screening naturally loose materials highly prone to sticking (such as natural extracted sand) and loose crushed materials that are prone to sticking or jamming grains in the screen. A great advantage is the possibility of screening at low screening limits (1 to 4 mm) which easily causes clogging of the mesh loops in conventional separators.

LIWELL Separator Types


Separator either produced as single-deck (type designation LF ED) or double-deck (type designation LF DD). The screening decks are equipped with a special LIWELL membrane system in both versions. The separators are made in the width from 1.0 to 3.0 m and in the length from 2.52 to 8.82 m.


Separator that uses standard separating screens on the top deck (usually a polyurethane modular screening system) and a special LIWELL membrane system on the bottom deck.

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