Off-duty Activities

Regular Events

Euro SITEX s.r.o. organizes annual meetings of its subsidiaries including training sessions, meetings and social activities as well as sports games. Each year the Company also holds the autumn volleyball tournament for the sports fans from friendly corporations. The tournament is becoming more and more prestigious, also thanks to the follow-up cultural and social activities. The annual tennis tournament, which is a part of the "Stone Grand Slam" is also very popular.


Since we consider sport an important part of our lives, we make efforts to support selected sportspeople and sports events. We mainly focus on children's and youth activities and sports and we also financially support them, for example the Sidecarcross Team crew: Tomáš Čermák and Ondřej Čermák. Our charity programme focusing on children and the physically disabled is also extensive.


The Euro SITEX employees also use their leisure time for various social activities where they can meet their colleagues in situations that do not usually happen in the office. Occasionally, we go hiking in the mountains or we go on walking trips to the countryside. Every year, we also go canoeing on the upper course of the Vltava River. Those trips are organized together with our friends from the company "Kámen a Písek" from Český Krumlov. Teambuilding is an integral part of our corporate life.

Euro Sitex Volleyball

In 2013, Euro SITEX s.r.o. became the main sponsor of the Příbram volleyball club which competes for the top position in the Czech Extra League under the name of "Euro SITEX Příbram".

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