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An unique product for all branches of industry.


The Conidur sheet openings are of a triangle or almost semi-elliptic pattern while showing angular, very conical shape in the direction of the flow of the material. The CONIDUR perforated sheets are produced in a special way. The special manufacturing process enables the finest perforations in initial sheet thicknesses, which can be a multiple of the hole diameter. It is a very special product, therefore a consultation with our technologist is required.


  • food-processing industry – screens for sugar and starch separators (continuous and discontinuous); mill screens, screens for pressing moulds in the process of cheese production; fluidization
  • dressing and preparation engineering - crushing plastics; fodder processing
  • general application – filters with various finishes; screens in fine coal separators
  • chemical industry - filter plates; separator screens, mill screens for crushing processes; fluidized cooling

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