Fences Chain-link Fence

Fences for private as well as corporate properties. Nettings, welded nets in rolls, fencing panels.


A high-quality netting with standard plastic-coated surface finish that guarantees long durability without the requirement for any further maintenance. The chain-link netting is the most common type of fencing thanks to its affordable price.

Height: from 1000 mm to 2000 mm

Surface treatment: galvanized, plastic-coated

The columns for chain-link netting are round with the diameter of 38 and 48 mm (according to the height of the netting). The height of poles should always be bigger than the height of the netting (by 600 mm at least).

Pole heights from 1500 mm to 4000 mm
Surface finish: galvanized, plastic-coated

Columns are delivered with a 38 mm diameter. They include a holder and a hook bolt.

Column height from 1750 mm to 4750 mm
Surface finish: galvanized, plastic-coated

Prices and other relevant information according to the pricelist

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