Fences 2D Fence Panels

Fences for private as well as corporate properties. Nettings, welded nets in rolls, fencing panels.


The fencing panel system provides the strongest and most resistant type of fence. It can therefore be used wherewer a high level of security is required. The panels are most often used for security in industrial and logistic centres, airports, public institutions, warehouses or sports centres and fields. Thanks to its strength and the state-of-the-art plastic-coated finish, this type of fencing is of an extremely long durability without any further maintenance. The panels are made of strong and resistant welded wires that are doubled in the horizontal direction. Additional horizontal moulds are not required for this type of fencing and so the panels are completely smooth, which meets the requirements for the minimum risk of injury especially when used at sports fields.

Height: from 1000 mm to 2000 mm
Surface finish: galvanized, plastic-coated, no finish

The columns for the fence panels are either round or rectangular. The columns should always be higher than the netting (by 600 mm).

Columns height: form 1500 mm to 4000 mm
Surface finish: galvanized, plastic-coated

Stretching bars are not used in this type of fencing.
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