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Fences Welded Netting

Fencing for private as well as corporate properties. Nettings and welded nets in rolls, fence panels.


An aesthetically interesting alternative of fencing with a very favourable price. The welded net is made of horizontal and vertical wires. The vertical wires are straight, the horizontal are bent within each opening to provide greater strength. The installation is very easy: using "C" clamps that are attached to shaped columns.

Netting height: from 1000 to 2000 mm
Surface treatment: plastic-coated

The columns for welded netting are round with a shaped section for installation, with 48 mm diameter. The columns must always be higher than the netting (at least by 600 mm).

Column height: from 1500 to 3000 mm
Surface treatment: plastic-coated

Stretching bars are of 38 mm diameter. The bars include a holder and a hook bolt. The bars are the same as for the chain-link fencing.

Stretching bar height: from 1750 to 4750 mm
Surface treatment: galvanized, plastic-coated

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