Wire Screen - Coarse Accessories and Installation

Accessories you won't do without.


The correct installation of each screen requires sikud clamping in the separator. For this purpose we also offer accessories for screens.

Tensioning Bars

They are used for tensioning screens that are clamped in the separator transversely. The tensioning bars are used for all types of wire screens, polyurethane and rubber screens or for Elastic screens that are fitted with Type A hook. Tensioning bars are delivered in various lengths (up to 1500 mm), with or without holes for tensioning screws.

Protecting Sections

They are used to support tensioned or clamped screens in the place of the contact with the steel rest beams of the separator and they eliminate vibration of the screen in the separators - thus extending its durability - and they also protect the beams from undesirable abrasion. The sections are made of rubber or polyurethane. Our portfolio also includes sections designed to cover the space between the edge of the screen and the wall of the separator - so-called "wing" - which prevents material from falling outside the screen surface.

Spray Nozzles

The nozzles are an essential accessory for the separators for wet material screening. They are made of polyurethane with three mesh sizes: diameter of 4, 7 and 9 mm. They provide optimal spreading of water fed into the separator onto the screening area. The quality and efficiency of separation can be significantly increased by proper installation.

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