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Special sorting machines with membrane screens designed (flip flow screen) for difficult-to-sort materials.


The Liwell is a special two-case sorting machine fitted with membrane screens (flip flow screen) for sorting naturally loose materials highly prone to sticking (such as natural mined sands or coal) and loose crushed materials that are prone to sticking or wedging of grains into the screen. A great advantage  is the possibility of sorting small grains (1 to 4 mm) which easily cause screen clogging when being sorted by conventional machines.






A sorting machine either produced as single-deck (type LF ED) or double-deck (type LF DD). In both versions, the sorting areas are equipped with a special LIWELL membrane system (flip flow screen). These sorting machines are produced in the width from 1.0 to 3.0 m and in the length from 2.52 to 8.82 m.


A sorting machine with standard sorting screens on the top deck (usually a polyurethane modular system) and a special LIWELL membrane system (flip flow screen) on the bottom deck.

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