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Laboratory Assortment Laboratory Sieves

Laboratory sieves and machines and, to a limited extent, laboratory accessories.


Analytical sieves differ mainly in material and the way they are produced. The most frequently used are those with sorting surface (the bottom of the sieve) of stainless technical cloth with square mesh. They can be used for sorting of particles from 20 micrometres to 125 millimetres. We also supply analytical sieves with sorting surface made of perforated sheet. The standard openings are designed for particles from 4 to 125 mm (square holes). For some diametres, we offer sieves with perforated sheet from 1,5 mm. For flat particles analysis we offer sieves with sorting surface made of stainless bars. As for accessories, we are able to supply covers, pans, intermediate pans and intermediate rings (which double the functional height of the sieves).

Both round and square sieves are made in compliance with the CSN ISO 3310 standard. It is of course possible to supply them based on other standards’ requirements (e.g. ASTM E, TYLER, FEPA AFNOR - please see the Download Section for the Chart of Standards).


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