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Wedge Wire Screens Filter Candles and Cylinders

Screens made of wedge-sectioned wires, welded. Fine filtration of solid particles.


The wedge wire sorting screens, both loop and welded, can be shaped variably. This makes it possible to produce various wedge wire cylinders, baskets or other specially shaped wedge wire screens according to the requirements of specific technological applications. Such screens are irreplaceable especially in the processes of dewatering, thickening, filtration and separation e.g. in the sugar industry and in other food-processing branches (breweries, chocolate factories, the meat-processing industry etc.), in the chemical industry as so-called passive filters, in the pharmaceutical and processing industries (reactors and so on) and in many other processes, such as in coal cleaning plants and in preparation plants for other solid minerals and materials, for thickening suspensions and sludge in purification plants and so on.


Slot size: from 0.05 to approx. 10 mm.

The section of the wedge wire is chosen according to the type and abrasiveness of the sorted material.

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