Conveyor Belts Type 500, 502

A special wire belt for quenching, annealing and soldering furnaces, up to the temperature of 1150°C.


The belt is made of one-sidedly wound spiral wires (either left or right) that are twisted. The spirals are connected by transverse wires with welded ends. Type 502 is another version of this belt with a double spiral.



  • belt suitable for heavy loads and high temperatures
  • longer operating life under conditions comparable to Type 400
  • very sensitive to settings and operation, only suitable for low speeds


As a conveyor belt in quenching and tempering furnaces and for other heat processing up to the temperature of 1150°C.


Most common application in processes

  • sintering (caking)
  • brazing
  • quenching
  • tempering
  • annealing



  • Transverse wire pitch: 3.00 - 50.00 mm
  • Spiral wire pitch: 3.00 - 50.00 mm
  • Transverse wire diameter: 0.90 - 5.50 mm
  • Spiral wire diameter: 0.60 - 5.50 mm
  • Standard materials: stainless steel for high temperatures
  • Operating temperature: up to 1150°C
  • Edging: welding (G)

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